Regarding GSOC Union Election

Dear Colleague,

You will have received word that the graduate employee union, GSOC/UAW (NYU) and SET/UAW (NYU-Poly), and the NYU administration have agreed to a union election for GAs, TAs and RAs before the end of this semester. Many faculty, through our feedback to the University regarding collective bargaining rights for NYU’s graduate employees, contributed to this historic agreement.

A joint statement released by the union and university administration acknowledges, “both the University and the UAW see this agreement as an opportunity to prove again that bargaining for graduate employees can be effective in a private university.”

The agreement includes a provision for University representatives to remain neutral on the union question, affirming that the Administration “shall not engage in any efforts to influence the vote …including but not limited to speeches, one-on-one meetings, distribution of literature, organized get-out-the-vote campaigns, or other activities intended to influence the free choice of the graduate employees.”

The administration also agrees to “communicate its commitment to neutrality to the broader University community and encourage faculty to refrain from actively campaigning one way or the other.”

We, the undersigned faculty, ask all of our colleagues to embrace the spirit of this pledge of neutrality. This election comes after many years of discussion regarding the merits of collective bargaining for graduate employees. We believe the eligible voters should make the decision on their own.

Please sign here if you agree with this call for faculty neutrality, and want to add your name to it,

John Archer, English
Adam Becker, Classics
Eliot Borenstein, Russian and Slavic Studies
Robby Cohen, Teaching and Learning         
Suzanne Cusick, Music   
Ernest Davis, Computer Science
Stephen Duncombe, Gallatin
Hartry Field, Philosophy
Jeff Goodwin, Sociology
Christine Harrington, Politics
Rebecca Karl, East Asian StudiesSusan Linfield, Journalism      Randy Martin, Art and Public Policy

Anna McCarthy, Cinema Studies
Mark Crispin Miller, Media, Culture, and Communication
Marie Monaco, School of Medicine
Molly Nolan, History
Tavia Nyong’o, Performance Studies
Zachary Lockman, Middle Eastern Studies
Andrew Ross, Social and Cultural Analysis
Kristin Ross, Comparative Literature

Dennis Geronimus, Art History

Alan Sokal, Physics
James Uleman, Psychology
Angela Zito, Anthropology

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